Custom Cartoon Art


All projects differ in detail and complexity and so it is impossible to give specific prices for artwork without having a description of the artwork needed and it's intended use.

However, I know how frustrating it is looking for a rough idea of what you might have to pay and finding nothing so I have tried to provide some rough pricing guidelines below.    All quotes include a rough draft and minor revisions prior to creation of the final artwork.  Quotes do not generally include completely redrawing the original draft with a reconceived idea or doing multiple revisions or iterations.  If you think you may need to work through multiple revisions to develop your idea please let me know.  This is generally true for branding and logos so please be sure to tell me up front what you intend to use the artwork for and I will include more time in my quote for revisions and fine tuning.

Personal or non-profit use:

1-2 characters/vehicles/buildings, etc. (black & white or color) minimal or no background detail - $65 - $85.

3-4 characters with no background detail or 1-2 characters with some background detail $85 - $125.

For 3 or more characters, more elaborate backgrounds, group scenes, landscapes and art including text elements please send a detailed description for a quote.

Small business (logos, mascots, branding, etc) or retail products:

Please send a detailed description of the artwork required and it's intended use for a quote.  As noted above, branding and logos generally require a few more drafts and revisions to develop & refine so I will accommodate this in my quote.